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Maine Squeeze

When your long time friend says come to Maine and see the beautiful new house we are building, and btw let's go snowmobile racing, you grab your husband and book the flight. Even if it is the smallest plane you have EVER been on. If there is one thing I have learned on these trips around the sun you only live once so don't waste opportunities like this!

One thing I need you to understand is I am pretty fearless but I crash.... like a lot so I should be terrified. Apparently, I never learned that distinction. So flying at over 69 miles per hour on a machine, that I had literally a 15 minute" crash course"

on how to operate, was probably not the smartest move. I mean they gave me a helmet so I'm good such luck. After coming into a turn a little heavy on the throttle one of my skis got pulled off the compacted snow into the soft drift. Once I realized my options where slim on making the turn and the stop was going to be when I hit the trees, I grabbed the brake one last time and bailed into the snow drift. Only small damage to the machine, and I got to be helped out of the snow by 6 guys because if you have ever tried to move in 4 feet of snow it is no small undertaking.

After all that excitement there were many laughs and adult beverages to cheers the fact that we all made it out alive and how beautiful the day and the ride for charity was. The countryside in Presquisle Maine is just beautiful. The tree lined roads and crisp white snow is picturesque. But depending when you go the snow can be a problem. As my friend was explaining while we were sharing a glass of wine looking out at the beauty of the snow "last year it was piled higher than the roofs, so we choose a good time to come down." And while I was warned about the moose I never actually saw one which is probably for the best. The roads even for this Ohio girl were a bit crazy with ice and snow but the locals took turns like they were in a Nascar race and never missed a beat.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and one for the memory book for sure.

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