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Burn the Damn Candle Already!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I grew up, like most of America, middle class. As kids we never went without but the really good stuff, china, pretty candles, etc. was reserved for “special occasions”. So as a young adult that is how I thought it should be. Keep the china in the cabinet on display so everyone can see the beauty but never actually have a special enough occasion to use it. This led to a realization at about 25, when I had somehow accumulated some $300+ worth of “nice” candles. You know the one’s you can only burn like say when the pope or god himself stops by for a visit, that I began to notice I was doing this with everything. The “good” lotions, that “special” sea salt scrub I had picked up on our last beach vacation, the “good” smelling shampoo. WHAT? What was I waiting for? How special did the day have to be for me to use a lotion that I had purchased for myself? Why do I have all these things that I’m not even using? I had worked hard for all of this yet indulging in using them on just myself seemed well, selfish. Where did that idea even come from? No one was going without because I spent $25 at a little boutique in the Keys. In fact quite the opposite I was adding to that store’s success. Why was it so hard for me to burn the damn candle already?

Here is what I realized. I don’t know how long I have on this earth, none of us do. So if burning that candle while dousing myself in the good lotion was going to make me happy, even if it is only for the next 15 minutes….I’m worth it….I AM WORTH IT. So use the china EVERY DAY or give it to someone who will. Life is to short to put the good stuff on the display only shelves. You have earned it and you like me ARE WORTH IT!

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